How to Stop Pregnancy

Stopping pregnancy is an important thing for anyone who plans on becoming sexually active to know. There are many ways to achieve this goal, and they have various rates of effectiveness.

Of course, the only way to be 100% sure to stop pregnancy is abstinence. This is a highly impractical method though, because most people in the modern era will engage in premarital sex.

Another method is to engage in sexual activity that stops short of full intercourse. This can include heavy petting and oral sex. However, it is important to note that many STDs can be transmitted through oral sex.

Most people will not stop there, however. For people that engage in complete sexual intercourse, there are steps to take to keep an unplanned pregnancy from happening.

Using condoms is a great way to stop a surprise bun from finding its way to the oven. The condom needs to be used every time two partners have intercourse. It should be applied before the genitals come into any form of contact, including rubbing outside the vagina. Using lubrication and spermicide with the condom will decrease the chances of the condom breaking, as well as decreasing the chances of pregnancy.

The birth control pill is another widely used form of birth control. The most important step for women on the pill is to consistently take the pill. Missing doses can greatly increase the chances of an unwanted pregnancy.
These days, there are other options than the daily oral contraceptive pill. One newer option is a contraceptive patch. A new one is applied monthly and worn for three weeks. The fourth week it is not worn, and then the cycle repeats itself.

Another option is a vaginal contraceptive ring. Like the patch, it is used for three weeks. It is removed shortly before the start of menstruation, and then a new one is inserted a week later. This option should not be used by women who smoke.

There are also contraceptive shots now available for women. There are two types of shots available. Lunelle is injected monthly, while Depo-Provera only needs to be injected every three months.

Finally, men can also prevent pregnancy in another way other than using a condom during sex. Although not very popular, a vasectomy is perhaps the most effective method to prevent a pregnancy from happening. Although sometimes reversible, it should only be used by men who have already had children.